Hello, I'm Lori Bohning 

I am a Transformational Life Coach

After my husband passed away from a long battle of cancer, grief hit me hard, and with it came other painful areas of my past that were triggered within me. The journey that God led me through has brought me to a place of deep healing, restoration, peace, and joy.  I understand what “stuck” is and I am here to walk alongside this journey with you.  Anything is possible and no wound is too deep.

Lori Bohning

Who Do I Help?

I work with people who are ready to be coached, ready to do the work, and serious about making a change.  My work is not about fixing or telling you what to do, but more about relating, encouraging, and valuing you as person.  

I focus on the present and we talk about the past only to reclaim and heal those wounds and bring those learning experiences forward into the present.  My goal is to empower you to trust yourself and be able to use the “take-aways” and life changing shifts you have gained in our sessions, and use them as you move forward.

I believe your struggles shape you, refine you, and are your strength. I believe you have a unique purpose and are made for something beautiful. I believe your authentic self is your best self. I believe you can heal from old wounds, abuse, neglect, abandonment, shame, and limiting beliefs.

~Lori Bohning


What is My Purpose

Certified Life-Focus Coach

This is for anyone who has asked some of life’s most common challenges: Is this all there is to life? What is my purpose? Why am I here? How do my dreams fit into my future? Is it really possible to live a life of purpose? How do I get there?

Courage to Grieve

Certified in Life-After-Loss

This is for anyone who has lost a loved one through death. I lost my husband in 2015 and I understand loss and the heartbreak of losing a loved one. In Courage to Grieve, I have incorporated what I have found in my personal grief journey to be essential; along with, what I have learned coaching individuals and facilitating grief groups.

Wonderfully Made

This is for anyone who is stuck and feeling lost. Perhaps you are feeling like you lost your way or are simply tired from always trying to be and do something more. This program will help you to get reacquainted with who you are, and you will learn and believe that you are wonderfully made.

what my clients say about working with me


I came to Lori in the beginning of a business transition and she helped me specify my business goals and then create a marketing plan . After creating my specific goal, she checked in throughout the week and encouraged me to implement my steps. I came in feeling overwhelmed with the transition but with her support, I now have motivation, more clients and a clear direction of where I am going.


I have taken Courage to Grieve coaching program with Lori and it was a such a great help to me, It truly was a blessing to me, and she took her time, had me thinking during and after the meeting about some of the questions she asked and how my goals and values were not clear, and it helped me to be more open about my story and God’s purpose for me. She is well informed and has a gift as a coach. I highly recommend others who are grieving that they take her program and be encouraged like I was. Spread the word to others. You will be blessed.

Janet M

I was fortunate to have Lori as a coach during a major transition in my life, and the results were way beyond my expectations. She is such a sensitive, insightful, intelligent, kind and empathetic person. She cares very deeply about her clients and is so amazing at listening without judgment. I felt very safe emotionally to share what was on my heart and discovered things that were hidden there because she’s so good at asking questions to go below the surface and get the gold.

Judy F

It's not what happens to you, but what you do with it and how you react to it that matters.

Lori Bohning