I came to Lori in the beginning of a business transition and she helped me specify my business goals and then create a marketing plan . After creating my specific goal, she checked in throughout the week and encouraged me to implement my steps. I came in feeling overwhelmed with the transition but with her support, I now have motivation, more clients and a clear direction of where I am going.

Kara B.

I have taken Courage to Grieve coaching program with Lori and it was a such a great help to me, It truly was a blessing to me, and she took her time, had me thinking during and after the meeting about some of the questions she asked and how my goals and values were not clear, and it helped me to be more open about my story and God’s purpose for me. She is well informed and has a gift as a coach. I highly recommend others who are grieving that they take her program and be encouraged like I was. Spread the word to others. You will be blessed.

Janet M

This past fall I experienced a crises of repetitive, negative, condemning thought. I felt like someone caught in a hunter’s trap entangled in barbed wire; my mind was troubled and I could not free myself. Asking God for help, I reached out for someone to counsel with and discovered Lori Bohning through the widow’s group Beauty From Ashes.

Lori’s guidelines for coaching were clear: she would give 100% and I would need to give 100%. We made a contract for 5 sessions and began via Zoom. Following session two of five Lori presented me with homework to answer and bring to our next session—questions that were powerful and to the point.

Thanks be to God! Answering those questions brought light and truth exposing specific lies that I had entertained in some form or measure for a very long time. The truth that defeats lies has brought freedom for me that I have longed for.

I’m so very grateful for Lori’s commitment to her work and serving others. God graciously provided the help I needed through her skillful coaching. I’m also thankful for the crises that brought me into this coaching relationship and encourage others who have struggled long to pray, seek God’s direction, take courage and make the first step reaching out. 

Love and appreciate you Lori. Blessings on your work and all aspects of your life.    

Susan K

Lori is very compassionate, professional and collaborative. Her strengths as a coach are Mindful and Active listening; patience, empathy and in tuned to her clients need. This was a wonderful experience and I would be honored to work with Lori again. 

Tracy O

Paul and I met Lori and her husband, through Cancer Warriors. She invited me to join a support group she was starting called Beauty From Ashes, a Faith based "safety net" for grieving widows. Through shared stories, prayer, meditation, and multiple resources, Lori guides us to re-anchor in a world turned upside down. Members meet for coffee, lunch, host potlucks, and once cut flowers on a Tulip Farm!! Her course, "Life After Loss," taught me techniques for self care, how to deal with my grief, and find myself again.... I remain in awe of Lori's passion and courage in fulfilling her heart-felt mission.. 

Cindy L

Without Lori Bohning helping me in my grief journey, I do not know where I would be or what I would be doing. In October 2018 I sat by her at a class on surviving grief sponsored by the Door of Hope in New Braunfels; she has been a blessing ever since. My mother always used the phrase “rough row to hoe” for good reason as she actually hoed cotton sometime in her childhood. Grief is a “tough row to hoe!” Mama also said, “This too shall pass,” and thanks to Lori Michelle, I am learning ways to deal with my grief. I just finished a Zoom class on “Courage to Grieve” and highly recommend her coaching. Until a person experiences the loss of a spouse I do not think anyone can understand the depth of that loss. With losing my beloved husband after 47-plus years of marriage it has been hard to begin a new life without him. Going through losing my love has been harder than natural childbirth…and that is saying something! My plan is to continue her programs. I thank her for her wise counsel. I give Lori the highest recommendation possible for her caring, kind and generous spirit, as she is truly one of the most loving people I have ever met..

Mary Helen B.

I was fortunate to have Lori as a coach during a major transition in my life, and the results were way beyond my expectations. She is such a sensitive, insightful, intelligent, kind and empathetic person. She cares very deeply about her clients and is so amazing at listening without judgment. I felt very safe emotionally to share what was on my heart and discovered things that were hidden there because she’s so good at asking questions to go below the surface and get the gold.
I had a specific goal of breaking the stronghold of shame about my age. For many years I’d felt less than because I was no longer young. She asked me to write a statement of truth about my age. My statement is, “I love being 65 because I’m beautiful, confident and loved.” Looking in the mirror and saying that over and over radically changed my thinking. I now have total acceptance and love for myself about my age. That’s just one example of the many ways Lori helped me through her coaching.

I highly recommend Lori as a coach. She is the best!

Judy F

Lori was my Life Coach a couple of years ago after my husband died.
I was having trouble making decisions, organizing my life, basically doing things without his input. My goal was to become confident to do things on my own and to believe and trust in myself.

Lori worked with me step by step as to why I felt this way. She encouraged me to pick out one obstacle at a time. As I would work on this one project she would carefully guide me through each process. She provided me with inspirational information, work sheets that I could record my progress or my feelings. She would check on me throughout the week.

When I did achieve one step towards my goal, we would move on to another step. She really did help me to become more independent and to believe I could make good choices apart from my husband.

Lori is a very caring and knowledgeable coach. She never puts pressure on you. She believes everyone works at their own pace and will make personal discoveries when they are ready. She is a wealth of information and loves to help people. She listens intently and gives you plenty of time to talk. I feel so blessed to have been able to be coached by Lori.

I recommend her to anyone who needs help to overcome
that obstacle that you feel you need guidance or an extra nudge. 

Brenda B

I am so thankful for Lori and life focus. Lori is amazing!!!! She truly loves people and wants to help them. I was always glad when I did the exercises on my own, but I mostly got my breakthroughs while talking with Lori. It was such a helpful program for me to better understand myself and others, and to move forward in a more positive way. I’m so glad I got to look deeply into my world to see how God has worked in it.

Thank you so much for being awesome!

Audie G.

It's not what happens to you, but what you do with it and how you react to it that matters.