Courage To Grieve

Certified in Life-After-Loss

This is for anyone who has lost a loved one through death. I lost my husband in 2015 and I understand loss and the heartbreak of losing a loved one.  

In Courage to Grieve, I have incorporated what I have found in my personal grief journey to be essential; along with, what I have learned coaching individuals and facilitating grief groups. 

Courage to Grieve

I will gently guide you to step into your grief, tell your story, process your grief, and begin to move from a place of darkness and despair, to moving into a place of strength, wholeness, and peace.  

We discuss the grief as a unique process, how to live with memories, secondary losses, honoring special occasions, and most importantly, what now?  There will be journal exercises, meditation/prayer, self-care activities, art from the heart, and empowerment activities to do throughout the weeks. 

Courage to Grieve is a 2-month program, 8 sessions, 60 minutes per session. We will meet virtually on Zoom. 

The investment is $550.

It's not what happens to you, but what you do with it and how you react to it that matters.